About Us

Here at It’s Paint Party LLC

We are dedicated to providing the most exciting Party the area. We offer a safe environment for all people of all ages to come and enjoy Private parties. We have acrylic, as well as the the one and ONLY Glow in the dark (Blacklight) paint party in the area.

We aim to provide creative and innovative painting designs. We offer competitive prices in an imaginative environment that is dedicated to safety, cleanliness and fun for all ages. 

We provide a multitude of private parties. For example, birthday parties, anniversry parties, girls night, and more for individuals to experience the joy of painting while having a lot of fun.  Hence, putting ART in party!

Bridal showers, baby showers, and family get-togethers can also be accommodated by our prime location with seating up to 50 guests at a time.  (Just let Sherita know what you are trying to accomplish abd she'll be happy to accomodate your request)  We offer Team building, where any group of co-workers, associates or partners can come and enjoy team based games and painting activities.  Finally we offer date night for the romantic couple or a small group of friends to come and enjoy a night of painting fun and fellowship.

Groups and gathering of any kinds are invite.  We will transform the evening to best meet your expectation, whether it's calm, chill, and relaxing or let's get Mardi Gras crazy.  We will give you the Vibe of your desire.


These are a few of our party options:

          Kids Private Parties

          Plan 1 - Acrylic Paint Party - Regular Light - $25/seat

          Plan 2 - Blacklight Paint Party (Glow in Dark) - $40/seat

          Plan 3 - Blacklight Paint Party (Glow in Dark) - $35/seat


          Adults Party Packages

          Plan 1 - Acrylic Paint Party - Regular Light - $35/seat

          Plan 2 - Blacklight Paint Party (Glow in Dark) - $45/seat


Smaller group party packages also available.


Each party package is different, so text 337-446-9197 for full details regarding our multiple party options.  The details will include all that is required and what is provided at our fun-filled parties.  Minimums and Deposit cost will be specified and explained in detailed.


Bookings done through text messaging.


~Hope to hear from you soon!  ~Sherita