Saturday August 27, 2022
PRIVATE KA10, Party Sajel (10), Krystian (12), Breion (16)
03:00 PM-05:00 PM / Instructor : It’s Paint Party
Per Seat
Number of Seats :
About Event :

**Party will start on time** You may begin arriving 20 minutes before the party starts!  Arriving no later than 15 minutes prior to actual start time.  You and your guest will need time for prepping your canvas for painting.  If they arrive after we have started the party, they will not be allowed to paint.  They will receive their painting at the end of the party to paint at home.  We want you to get the full experience and late arrivals take away from what we are there to give you, which is A Fun Filled Experience!!  All monetary exchanges of any kind with It's Paint Party or It's Paint Party Staff is non refundable!  Buying a ticket means you give It's Paint Party permission to post you or your image on any of their social media sites.  You must submit a written statement with your signature and the signature of the owner, prior to the party date to decline.


Dress comfortable!! It can get kinda warm due to body heat and Blacklight exposure.  Plus you don’t want paint on your personal belongings.  It doesn’t come off of material.  Dress kids accordingly! It can get messy!


Extra parking will be to the left of the building in the Carencro Park parking lot. Please DO NOT double park near the studio. You may be towed.


If there isn't a party after yours, extra time may be purchased with the instructor.  Instructors are allowed to accept tips.  It's not necessary but truly appreciated.  

Read all policies and text message thoroughly.  We are not responsible for what you haven’t read!


Any changes to colors must be made when registering or you will be charge a paint change fee.


Host please specify the genre of music preferred.  We will let you dj, but just in case you want us to dj, we would like to know your preference of music.  Please note our cancellation fees and policies.  Have a wonderful day!  We can't wait to see you.


Call or TEXT 337-446-9197 for questions.

All artwork displayed in our paint gallery is property of EA Cole & Grace LLC dba It’s Paint Party and is subject to copyright protection in favor of EA Cole & Grace LLC.  Reproduction and use is strictly prohibited without written authorization from the owner of EA Cole & Grace LLC.  Failure will result in prosecution.